This Black History Month, Holman has the opportunity to share a project we worked on in collaboration with the Ontario Heritage Trust, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (29251 Uncle Tom’s Road Dresden, Ontario).

The scope of the project was to create a timeline of black history including graphic panels, reader rails and incorporating interactive elements. Holman created display cases to preserve artifacts.

To know more about the site itself, this is a brief history about Rev. Josiah Henson, a man who helped found the settlement that the museum is built upon.
Josiah Henson was born in slavery and suffered in horrible conditions. In 1829, Henson attempted to purchase his freedom. He was unsuccessful and instead fled north to Upper Canada which is now Ontario. After a few years of being a farm labourer and lay preacher, with the help of his friends, he purchased 200 acres of land. This land became a safe haven for many fugitives from slavery (source: https://www.heritagetrust.on.ca/en/properties/uncle-toms-cabin).


If you have a chance sometime this month to visit Uncle Tom’s Cabin, we would highly recommend you see it for yourself. This is a site that features the stories of many important black figures in Canada’s history and is a project close our hearts.