HOLMAN partners with VISO & presents a showstopper booth!

VISO Inc. is a global multidisciplinary lighting design and manufacturing firm serving the hospitality, commercial, and retail industries. Full of drama and extravagance, any space that features VISO light fixtures elevate any space bringing a sense of sophistication and modernity. Holman had the exciting opportunity to partner with the dynamic team at VISO to manifest their  booth at for the 2019 HD Expo in Las Vegas! We are proud to share that they won Best Booth! When looking at the booth, it should not come as a shock because VISO’s products are built to enhance environments with artistic light installations that are truly show stoppers.

VISO’s lights can be found around world, from Kuwait to Toronto – because, let’s not forget to mention, VISO is a proudly Canadian firm. Holman began working with VISO right from the get-go, sketching out concepts that showcased the brand’s new identity. VISO wanted something different; they wanted a tradeshow booth that looked nothing like a tradeshow booth! After a few productive and strategic design sessions, the Holman team created a vision for the booth that matched the mission of VISO – to transform spaces!

We are proud to say that the booth designed, fabricated and installed at the HD Expo was nothing less than extraordinary! VISO winning the award for ‘Best Booth – Clarity of Concept’ is exactly what Holman set out for when choosing to showcase a gigantic ‘V’ for VISO in the booth. The V was constructed to showcase some of the featured lighting that VISO is currently promoting. Furthermore, the rest of the booth was designed by the Holman team with the intent to showcase all the glory of their lights in a very structured and inclusive way.

This can be tricky… being in one space where a multitude of lights are featured can become overwhelming, but the design successfully created an immersive showroom experience. Booth visitors were encouraged to meander through the space to experience the elegant and architectural qualities of the light fixtures. Each lighting cluster was beautiful on its own, but accents like the floor finish, the metal aerial structures, and angular millwork columns all played a vital role in keeping the theme consistent and adding to the glory of the fixtures, without interfering with their design.

2019 PWP Studio Corporate Event Photographers

When working with Holman, one of the great features we offer our clients is an opportunity to participate in the prototyping phase.  Our 40,000 sqft. fabrication facility in Toronto enables us to fully set up the booth before it ships out, in this case to Las Vegas. Account Managers and Project Managers work hand in hand to make sure that the design, fabrication, and installation is a seamless process. The VISO booth is truly a gallery of gorgeous lights that dazzle the booth visitors with elegance and innovative design. The booth construction is a perfect match to the brand and we could not be happier with the result!