HOLMAN designs Myant’s interactive booth at CES 2020

Holman is excited to have had another opportunity to exhibit at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Held January 7-10 in Las Vegas, the show is a global attraction for revolutionary consumer technologies.

A New Partnership

Holman’s reputation for fabricating innovative design installations was foundational in our partnership with Myant, the world’s first end-to-end Textile ComputingTM company with a mission to empower humanity using IoT-enabled textiles. Approaching Holman in September 2019, Myant was looking for new exhibit partners who better understood their creative vision and offered a more boutique, hands-on client experience.

Notably, the undertaking of getting Myant to CES was monumental. After months of struggling to find the right fit with other exhibit houses, Myant naturally chose Holman. With deadlines for CES fast approaching, Holman prioritized this project with enthusiasm and ingenuity.

Rising to the Challenge

With only 14 weeks to design and build a 3,000 sqft booth with an additional 800 sqft of 2nd-storey private meeting space, Holman started working immediately. The Holman design team worked in close collaboration with the Myant creative and product development teams to produce 12 fully conceived concept designs.

Specifically, each design had multiple high-resolution 3D renderings and several unique variants. By week nine, the overall structure and visual themes of the booth were confirmed. Holman’s highly skilled engineering and production teams began building this custom booth.

Communicating the complex and technical story of Myant’s remarkable and revolutionary product offerings was far from complete. Collaboration and coordination between both creative teams continued into week 13 of the project. The entire Holman team worked tirelessly to guarantee Myant’s satisfaction with the end result. Finally, right on schedule, the booth was ready to ship on Christmas Eve.

Showtime: CES 2020

In part, as a result of its location in Halls A-D at the Sands Expo Convention Centre, the Myant booth welcomed consistently heavy traffic. Senior members of the Holman team were on-site throughout the installation and during the show to ensure the Myant team was happy and the booth remained optimally fully functional.

Ultimately, both Myant and Holman are extremely pleased with the outcome of CES 2020. As an added bonus, Myant’s SKIIN product line was chosen for the CES 2020 Product Innovation Honoree Award! We extend congratulations to our partner Myant and look forward to collaborating with them on many future endeavours.

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