Alternative Technological Solutions

After months of preparation, Holman partnered with Feelux as they exhibited at Toronto’s Interior Design Show (IDS) on January 16 and 17, 2020. A highly anticipated annual showcase of innovation, design, and thought-leadership, the 2020 theme invited participants to explore technological solutions for alternative, futuristic realities.

Since 2014, Holman has celebrated a strong partnership with Feelux Canada, the Canadian headquarters of Korea’s world-class Feelux lighting systems and components. It was a pleasure to work with the their team on yet another successful IDS project!

The New Design

Feelux approached Holman to redesign their 10x20ft booth to reflect a more modern, space-age theme. The changes incorporated new Feelux products: specifically, their innovative selection of expandable/retractable pot lights, track systems, and lighting integrations.

The new project required incredibly detailed concept renderings from Holman’s skilled design team. Early design concepts included wider panelling with a pronounced orange beam (Holman explored yellow as a concept colour in initial renderings before finally choosing orange: see below), complimenting their corporate branding. The Feelux logo was fixed to the black laminate wall as a sort of focal point for IDS attendees.

An interior portal feature was worked into the final renderings, as well. Using a combination of MDF, acrylic overlaid with a reflective film, and two-way mirrors, our team created a futuristic infinity mirror and illuminated by Feelux products. To compliment the portal’s lighting aspect, a circuit-board installation was crafted to uniquely showcase Feelux’s neon, monorail, and FLT fixtures.

Further, the bulkhead redesign was a particularly complex undertaking. Holman’s design team worked tirelessly to restructure it, simplifying the interiors to make the bulkhead lighter without compromising the structural integrity or general safety of the extension.

Showtime: IDS 2020

The Feelux booth was easily the brightest exhibit at IDS this year; it could be seen from across the convention center. The space encouraged passer-by to pose in the infinity mirror, and Feelux surprised visitors with a Feelux Robot, taking the theme to another interactive level.

Both Feelux and Holman are happy with this year’s IDS 2020 outcome; it was an incredible opportunity to be a part of the show and to design, fabricate, and install this modernized booth. We look very forward to exceeding expectations again next year.

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